19.-21. June
Eichenring, Scheeßel


Presenting Partner


There’s always loads of new things to discover, and memories to relive! Beck’s, with our awesome festival partners, will again this summer bring the hottest artists back on-stage! You can find all the vital at www.becks.de.



You will find more information about the OTTO activities on our social media channels soon.

Special Guest


You will find more information about the OTTO activities on our social media channels soon.

Log in, refuel and save your ticket for 2020!

You need to charge your phone in between two gigs? Want to share unique festival content with your community? Or with a bit of luck win tickets for the Hurricane 2020? Than you should definitely come visit the EWE festival hotspot! Our partner EWE is offering you best WIFI for free, a huge amount of charging stations and live challenges with great prizes!

NEW! This year EWE is offering free WIFI at several locations all over the festival area! Just keep your eyes open for the EWE festival hotspot!



Alpine Hearing Protection – Love your ears!
With Alpine hearing protection, you can enjoy the things you love to do even more. Such as listening to your favourite music live at Hurricane festival. As a leading brand with 25 years of experience in the area of high-quality hearing protection, we’ve developed special filter earplugs that optimally preserve the music experience. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs have special music filters, with which you can still hear the music and conversations perfectly, while you protect your hearing. What’s more, thanks to the special model and soft material they are super comfortable and, contrary to single use foam earplugs, can be used over 100 times. Love your ears!

You can find more information at our Webshop via www.alpine.eu


Jack Daniel's rockt 2019

Join us when we bring the small town Lynchburg, Tennessee, to Scheeßel – from which every drop of JACK comes since 1866. Visit our truck, which is on tour for more than 10 years all over Europe. Build barrels, stack Ricks, filter through charcoal, and get a JACK festival item: bag, cap, t-shirt, drinking bag, or sunglasses. Or let the others work and take a virtual tour through Lynchburg with our VR glasses. For those who still want more, there is a real trip to the JACK DANIEL DISTILLERY to win. The trip will take longer than a few seconds, but you’ll walk on Jack's original track. Just visit us at the Hurricane Festival, a JACK DANIEL'S drink is waiting for you in any case. More information is available here: www.jackdaniels.de

Zeppelin Rental GmbH

From rental machines to project solutions. Being a leading rental services company as well as a specialist in logistics management and optimization of projects we provide our clients with customized solutions in the areas of equipment rental services, construction logistics and temporary infrastructure. For events over 62,000 rental machines and equipment ensure a maximum of availability – among our assets are aerial platforms, telehandlers and fork lifts, vehicles, power units and lighting, heating and air conditioning as well as construction machines. Besides we provide barriers and undertake traffic safety measures, offer customized modular and sanitary space solutions and support with transport, assembly, maintenance, supply and disposal, fuelling and stand-by-services. For more information please visit www.zeppelin-rental.de.


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